We have two kinds of volunteer centers as follows:

?    Sendai City Tsunami Disaster Volunteer Center

This is a volunteer center for people who wish to do volunteer work and the people who need the help of volunteers. Please refer to us directly.

where:Genki Field Sendai in Miyagino Gymnasium

(4-1-1 Shinden-Higashi, Miyagino-ku, Sendai-shi)

phone: for people who need the help of volunteers


for people who wish to do volunteer work on an invidual basis


other inquiries


when: 1 June 2011〜

(Please refer to our webpage to check out our schedule)

Click here for the map of the area around Sendai City Tsunami Disaster VolunteerCenter

?    Sendai City Volunteer Center (Information Center)

This is a volunteer center for information.

We answer inquiries about everything except for those about volunteer work itself.
We deal with the following:

?    inquiries made by school people, municipality people and journalists

?    inquiries about companies’ social action programs

?    inquiries about donating money and sending relief

?    inquiries about volunteer insurance

?    inquiries about what Social Welfare Concil (Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai)

?    inquiries about volunteer work in general

where: Sendai City Welfare Plaza 4thfloor

(Fukushi Plaza)

(2-12-2 Itsutsubashi, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi)

※If you have any question about volunteer work in Miyagi Prefecture outside Sendai, please call 022-266-3952 (Miyagi Prefecture Social Welfare Council=Miyagi-ken Shakai Fukushi Kyogikai)

Volunteer from outsideSendai and outside Miyagi are now WANTED!!

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