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【Attention】Beware Heat Exhaustion !!(熱中症注意)

Volunteers sufering from heat exhaustion have been increasing recently.
Please take care of yourself, nothing the following advice:

●Don’t push yourself hard.
●Sleep well the night before.
●Drink plenty of liquid.
※Preferably, bring sports drinks with you
●Avoid direct sunlight, and wear a hat.
●Don’t wear tight clothing. This will help you lower your body temperature while taking a break.
●Wear a reflective color that won’t absorb heat.

※Bring your health insurance (or a copy)with you in case you need to see a doctor.

Please follow our advice and take care of yourself.
It is you responsibility to take a break and stop working if you are not feeling well.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Sendai City Disaster Volunteer Center

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